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Hydrogen of the 2nd 2008 China International can with fuel cell exhibition (HFCE
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■ advertisement of proceedings of a conferences (dimension: 210cm×140cm) reach other advertisement (RMB)
□ cover (1/2 layout) : Back cover of 20000 yuan of □ : Black and white full page of 18000 yuan of □ : 3000 yuan
□ inside front cover: Full page of color of 15000 yuan of □ : Inside back cover of 6000 yuan of □ : Arch of 12000 yuan of □ : 5000 yuan / exhibition period
□ ticket: 5000 yuan / 10 thousand (the ticket rises 30 thousand pieces imprint) □ scroll: 2000 yuan / balloon of exhibition period □ : 3000 yuan / exhibition period

[ginseng extend a program]

1, ginseng exhibit sign up: Plan to join exhibit an unit to fill in please ginseng extend application form and contract (accessory one) , the content in the watch enters print exhibition proceedings of a conference, it is clear to reason offers Chinese and English manuscript please or fill in with regular script, business charter of along with company, photocopy (every afore-mentioned certificate have false person, cancel to join exhibit a qualification) reach postpone a selection (after exhibiting bitmap to add) be sent along with all the others or the fax sponsors unit office to exhibition; What the foreign trader invests scale to exceed 50 % is foreign accuse an enterprise to must exhibit area ginseng in international;
2, application extends an a week inside will join exhibit expense [50% (subscription) or entire section] telegraphic transfer money or hand in to constituent unit, more than on October 18, 2008 before paid; Exhibit allocate a principle: “ applies for first, pay first, arrange ” first;
3, ginseng exhibit business to be in remit after each charge, reach fax of bank money order bill please constituent unit;
4, constituent unit is in after receiving the fee that exhibit a stage, exhibit a month to send " ginseng exhibit manual " to ginseng postpone business;

[exhibit meeting connection]

Shanghai day grand meeting exhibits service limited company
Contact: Hu Yang
Phone: 0086-21-34080619
Mobile phone: 13671981576
Fax: 0086-21-9695565954
Address: Road of Shanghai Luo Yang 168 C 303 rooms
Postcode: 200233

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