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Environment of international of Chengdu of the 5th 2009 China monitors instrumen
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And exposition of environmental protection industry
[sessional program is arranged]

Time: 29 years March 27—29 day
Place: New international exhibition center of Chengdu century city

[invitation letter]

Since reforming and opening, development of Sichuan province economy is rapid, process of urban and rural unifinication is accelerated ceaselessly, but environmental pollution issue is increasingly outstanding also, liquid waste, off-gas treatment amounts to mark to discharge reach solid trash integrated utilization rate is inferior, serious effect Sichuan saves prospective economy to be able to develop the strategy continuously. It is during 915 ” of “ , sichuan saves environmental protection investment to will achieve 80 billion yuan of RMBs, increase an environment to superintend strength and key to implement project of 10 great environmental protection. Include 139 to plan sewage treatment plant, rubbish handles a project 106, implement protection of ground of drinkable source of water and construction project 40, launch water pollution of construction key small drainage area project of project of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment 36, 73 industry pollute zoology protection and project of Cheng of extensive go back to work punish project 460, project of demonstrative project of clean production and circular economy 90, dangerous trash and medical treatment rubbish are contributive project project 23, project of project of action of rural comparatively well-off environmental protection 8 and the environment is monitored, the project such as the project such as the construction of ability of oneself of environmental protection system such as censorial, information, propaganda and education, scientific research. The swift and violent development that saves environmental protection industry for Sichuan offerred vast space and tremendous business chance.
The instrument of environment of “2009 Chengdu international that monitor exhibits ” to regard all in all special subject of exposition of industry of current environmental protection as one of exhibitions, at the appointed time, before the proprietor of an enterprise that will send case to organize complete province and the environment that invite southwest to visit town each to superintend branch and key pollution to discharge through environmental protection branch provides personnel, will watch exhibit reach attend seminar of learning of environmental testing instrument and project negotiate. We are cordial manufacturer of the environmental protection outside welcoming home carries Lai Rong of advanced environmental protection new product, new technology to participate in reveal, communication negotiates.

[go to a ginseng exhibit enterprise directory] (the part is famous the environment monitors an unit)

Dai An of ability of happy liberal art of equipment of science and technology of head of triumphant Er of environment of Ha Xi of science and technology of heavenly body of group of French contest annulus, Beijing Kang Erxing, world, United States, China coronal, Beijing, Shan, Guangzhou, United States, Beijing Biertaike.
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