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Oscillator of constant temperature of SHA-A oil bath

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Referenced price: 6800 (manufacturer is sold continuously)

Product description:
Constant temperature oscillator basically applies to each big quadrangle school, medical treatment, petro-chemical, wholesome epidemic prevention, environment to monitor wait for scientific research branch to make biology, biochemistry, cell, bacterium plant the oscillation education that waits for compound of all sorts of liquid state, solid state.

Product characteristic:
This machines and tools has a structure reasonable, operation is handy, stable function is advanced characteristic, it is the ideal equipment of handy of lab staff member.

Technical index:
Main specifications:
One, use power source: 220V 50Hz
2, overall power: 1800w
3, time limits: 0~120 cent
4, oscillation frequency: Starting —300 turns / cent, adjustable
5, oscillation extent: 20mm
6, constant temperature limits: ℃ of room temperature —100
7: Working load: 20kg
8: Over all dimension: Build especially

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