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Z-800XP measures ammoniac appearance

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Product description:
The sensing element of the instrument is batteries of 4 electrode electrochemistry. Include working electrode and auxiliary electrode. Auxiliary electrode is used at temperature compensation, those who improve electrode system is alternative. Sensor answers the ammonia in signal and air to enrage chroma to show linear. Z-800 to permeate type, diamonds batteries power supply, z-800XP attract type for pump, charge batteries power supply, more reliable

Product characteristic:
Batteries is safeguarded and handle time

Interior can charge batteries, sensor needs long-term power supply, although instrument need not when, also need power source power supply.

Power source condition and operation schedule

Operation mode handles time
1. Power source closes 1900 hours (3 months)
2. Power source leaves 9 hours

Batteries charges, insert charger instrument lateral DC aperture, fill need 6-8 hour.

Technical index:
Sensor performance data

Detect limits: 0-50 Ppm
The biggest range: 200 Ppm
Answer time: <150 Sec
Output drift for a long time: <10%/ month
The biggest zero shift: 5 Ppm (0-40°C)
Operate temperature: - 25-40°C
Pressure limits: Atm±10%
Humidity limits: 15-90% RH
Call the police: Audible, 80db

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