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SYZ-550/SYZ-B quartz inferior boil is high pure alembic
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Referenced price: 4200 (manufacturer is sold continuously)

Product description:
SYZ-550/SYZ-B quartz inferior boil alembic is to make take high pure reagent and high pure the instrument of whole sealing vycor of water

Product characteristic:
(1) SYZ-550/SYZ-B quartz inferior boil alembic is to make take high pure reagent and high pure the instrument of whole sealing vycor of water, it has distinct advantage. Its technology is advanced, the structure is novel and beautiful, install an operation, maintenance is simple. Quartz inferior boil distill is to use heat radiation principle, maintain fluid photograph to temperature sends condensation under evaporate of boiling point temperature and be made take high pure water and high pure reagent. And general quartz alembic, because of boiling distill, drip of the carry secretly in gas, the depart that enrage fluid is not complete, cause water quality not tall; Full glass alembic, more the pollution that contains because of vitreous itself place, water quality is poorer; Ion exchange water, enter the interference of organic matter because of the dissolve ungird of organic material again. Quartz inferior boil distilled water implement the pollution that prevented vitreous impurity already, because of fluid photograph temperature under boiling point. Because boil,be not sent and be in steam carry secretly drip. Enrage fluid already detached and complete. Water quality is extremely accordingly high, via absorbing a law without blaze atom the analysis does not have heavy metal check to go out.

(The SYZ-550/SYZ-B of 2) this factory quartz inferior boil alembic is the ministry that presses 4 machine ministry does a standard to have production and the course is improved afresh and old practice proof compares congener product more advanced. It can be reasonable use the sources of energy, use double condensation to draw pure water circularly, the effect rises apparently.
Factory of instrument of science of eaves of annulus of city of Jiangsu gold altar, it is the earliest, scale is larger the production that produces all sorts of lab foundation instruments is professional factory, technical force is abundant, level of management is advanced, manufacture all sorts of series variety. Basically have thick liquid of divide evenly of boiler of bath of education box, oscillator, beater, centrifugal, water, high speed implement, constituent triturator, quartz inferior boil is high pure the instrument of science and education of all sorts of series such as water alembic, use extensively at the environment to monitor, the of all kinds lab of chemical industry of treatment of wholesome epidemic prevention, medical treatment, biochemistry, food, metallurgy and unit of academical scientific research, laboratory. My factory is acted on excelsior, further spirit, absorb domestic and international advanced technique extensively, ceaseless development development gives new product. With high grade quality, good reputation, market of perfect after service base oneself upon, have the market. Each district of product distribute whole nation, certain reputation is enjoyed on home market.
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