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SYZ-550/SYZ-B quartz inferior boil is high pure alembic
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The plant of instrument of annulus eaves science that owns much science and experienced project technology personnel, wish to admire seek advice from a service for the user, be like the product that this factory produces, cannot satisfy your need. We can undertake designing by your requirement, make, will satisfy the need with special all circles.
Main product:
1. number is shown / biochemistry / illumination develops case
2. water / oscillator of gas bath constant temperature
3. is dynamoelectric / magnetic force beater
4. is tall / centrifugal of low speed table
Boiler of bath of water of 5. constant temperature
Oar of divide evenly of 6. high speed implement
7. organizes triturator
8. quartz inferior boil is high pure water alembic
Disintegrator of 9. solid sample
10. series table
11. penicillin oscillator
12. can increase oar of fast divide evenly implement
Electric heat of 13. stainless steel board
Bath of water of 14. super constant temperature
15. is multi-purpose oscillator
Cistern of 16. constant temperature
17. number displays constant temperature oil bath

Specific parameter detailed sees a website: Http://

Technical index:
Give water amount: 1000ml/h
What via Nanjing metric test checks qualification, already delivered test report, pure water accord with is operable analyse at polarogram, analyse of layer of concentrated juice photograph, ionic electrode, atom absorbs an analysis, clinical biochemistry, blaze is photometric analyse with all sorts of minim and trace, it is preparation high pure water or high pure a kind of ideal equipment of reagent, water quality can amount to the following standard.

(5) inferior boil is high pure analysis of content of water metal ion is expressed as a result
Project Ca Mg Mn Fe Cu Zn Al Co Ni Cr Cd Pb Na
Inferior boil is high pure water (Ug/L) 0.25 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.02 0.05 0.15 0.2 0.12
0.15 0.01 0.01 0.1

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