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800 table centrifugal
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Referenced price: 560 (stage)

Product description:
Dynamoelectric centrifugal service instruction one, dynamoelectric centrifugal belongs to product brief introduction groovy lab centrifugal, wide application is taught at the scientific research such as biology, chemical, medicine and produce a section. Apply to radiative immunity inspect to reach detached cell and big particle surely, have time and do not time two kinds.  

Product characteristic:
Shoot immune inspect to reach detached cell and big particle surely, have time and do not time two kinds.

Technical index:
2, main technique parameter
Model is top rotate speed size is the largest relative to centrifugal field time limits works power source
80-1 80-2 4000r/min 20ml×6 20ml×12 1795×g 0-60min communicates 220V, 50HZ
800YXJ-1 4000r/min 20ml×6 1435×g communicates 220V, 50HZ without 0-60min
YXJ-2 TGL-16 16000r/min 1.5ml×12 17000×g 0-60min communicates 220V, 50HZ
3, safety instructions
Forbidden installing turn the examination answers to turn before; of the empty running below the circumstance of the head moves the head has without corrode scathing; to should turn what moving is not contact to turn when the head moves head; is forbidden turn the head is in lade the movement below lopsided condition.
4, service instruction
The workbench of centrifugal should level is strong, workshop should orderly cleanness, dry drafty, environmental temperature with 5-32°C advisable. Open centrifugal reachs lumen turn the head is wiped clean. Install the tube that puts metage to agree, close centrifugal lid, adjust timing knob, rise to want rotate speed to place. Stop every time before machine, must timing knob park the least place. 0 ” of “ of buy of “ timer ” involve mains switch, dump. Wipe lumen to reach turn first, close centrifugal lid.
5, care and maintenance
Any thing are not set on centrifugal lid. Use every time end, be sure to clear wipe lumen to reach turn first, had built centrifugal lid to prevent dirt, contamination is entered. If centrifugal is longer did not use before be being used again, answer to build centrifugal open for some time, dry lumen. The carbon brush of electric machinery is using 3000 hour hind, answer to change in time, lest wear away rectification child. Centrifugal classics is used for a long time, wear away naturally belong to normal phenomenon. Using one after year, be like occurrence breakdown or encounter difficulty, this enterprise will continue to provide excellent service, give assistance is handled.

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