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SHZ - oscillator of constant temperature of 82 gas bath - whirly type
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Product description:
Oscillator of gas bath constant temperature explains one: Oscillator of constant temperature of bath of gas of product brief introduction (call air constant temperature table again) , it is the biochemical instrument of the box of constant temperature education that a kind of temperature can accuse and oscillator photograph union, basically apply to each big quadrangle school, medical treatment, petro-chemical, wholesome epidemic prevention, environment to monitor wait for scientific research branch to make biology, biochemistry, cell, bacterium plant the oscillation education that waits for compound of all sorts of liquid state, solid state.

Product characteristic:
Its are main characteristic: A: Lukewarm accuse exact number to show. B: Set antrum of job of filling oxygen aperture, constant temperature to fill oxygen is enough. C: Set machinery to time. D: The education preparation that all-purpose bedspring tries bottle to wear the biology sample that suits a variety of comparative experiments particularly. E: Stepless speed regulation, movement is smooth, handle handy security. F: Lumen uses stainless steel to make, corrosion resistance can be good.

Technical index:
2: Main specifications:
One, use power source: 220V 50Hz
2, heat power: 400w
3, time limits: 0~120 is divided (or often leave)
4, oscillation frequency: Starting —300 turns / cent, adjustable
5, oscillation extent: 20mm
6, constant temperature limits: ℃ of room temperature —50
7, oscillation method: Move back and forth, whirly and duplex (when purchasing, choose)
8: Lukewarm accuse precision: 1 ℃
9: Bottle quantity: Test tube: ø16×300mm
100ml×24, 200ml×15
10: Over all dimension: 700×470×500mm
3: Product model:
(1) CHA - S, oscillator of gas bath constant temperature: Belong to - reciprocating type
(2) SHZ - 82 model, oscillator of gas bath constant temperature: Belong to - whirly type
(3) ZD - 85 model, oscillator of gas bath constant temperature: Belong to - move back and forth and whirly type, duplex.
(4) CHA - 2 model, oscillator of constant temperature of refrigerant gas bath: Refrigeration and constant temperature adjust, accuse lukewarm in: 5 - 50 ℃

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