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FP - 30 formaldehyde analyzer
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Referenced price: 20800 (stage)

Product description:
FP-30 formaldehyde detector is Japanese manage grinds plan implement the product of the company limited, in industrial take precautions against natural calamities and environment the domain that monitor develops advanced product ceaselessly, obtained attestation of ISO9001 quality system and attestation of system of ISO14001 environmental protection. FP-30 is exclusive one uses GB method, the spot detects quickly the instrument of formaldehyde, any electrochemistry instruments cannot compare its precision and dependability.  

Product characteristic:
Product characteristic
1, install only detect pill can detect easily
2, diagnose a function accessary and reliably oneself
3, accessary the automatic memory function that measures calm data (99 groups) can download to the PC
4, need not warm-up time
5, be in a poor light automatically show
2, detect principle
Experiment paper divides photoelectricity photometry: Blow when gas detect on TAB when, the paper that has the agent that deliver quality with the dip that TAB combines together can have chemical reaction and become angry. For instance formaldehyde is the same as
Paper is received truly hind those who be contained in paper try medicine to make compound jointly with formaldehyde reaction, color can become yellow from white. The degree that become angry can mirror a place to suffer smooth reflex to measure. The intensity change rate that reflex estimates can regard aeriform chroma as labour respondent. Beforehand set check measures a line, can pass detect the chroma that the response value of object gas will come to decide gas.

Technical index:
Technical index
Detect the formaldehyde in aeriform air
Detect photometry of photoelectricity of principle experiment paper
Detect limits 1.0 Ppm(TAB No.009 of ~ of 0 ~ 0.4 Ppm(TAB No.008) 0)
Detect time 30 minutes (1800 seconds) 15 bells (900 seconds)
Resolution 0.005 Ppm and 0.01 Ppm
Detect means check knows TAB way (value of the adding inside time determines)
Concentration states means liquid crystal shows
Sampling means pump attracts type
Working environment - 40 ℃ of 10 ~ ;90%RH is the following (without condense)
Remember functional test point: 99 bits (determine when finishing automatic memory) , accessary the automatic memory function that measures calm data (99 groups) can download to the PC
The pump below illuminant of ego diagnostic function and the depress of undesirable batteries report of ministry getting light is undesirable the system is unusual temperature is unusual wait for self check
Power supply is basic dry cell 4
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