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900 muti_function digital nuclear radiation appearance
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Referenced price: 12000 (stage)

Product description:
900 model muti_function company of system of combination of appearance United States produces digital nuclear radiation 900 model muti_function digital nuclear radiation appearance is the nuclear radiation appearance with the best performance/price ratio that there is carry out on market. It was 2004 the achievement of newest design, accord with the design of human body engineering. The function is very powerful, can offer mix reliably accurate measurement data. 900 model muti_function digital nuclear radiation appearance volume is minor, weight is light, very solid, electronic circuitry uses metallic wrap up to protect, can detect α , β , γ and Χ ray, use the nuclear radiation sensor that American Bureau of Standards makes.  

Product characteristic:
Make use closes
900 model muti_function digital nuclear radiation appearance, can use extensively in the pharmaceutical factory, lab, power plant, quarry, emergency rescues a station, the metal handles a works, subterranean oil field and path of fuel feed pump equip, the branch such as environmental protection, use at:
·The radiate with local examination is divulged and nuclear radiation is polluted
·Check the pollution of radon radiate cesium of surroundings
·60 radiate pollute examination cobalt
·Check the radioactivity of the housing materials such as stone material
·Check those who have nuclear radiation risk to fill bury the ground and Tophet
·Detect from medical the intensity of X ray radiate to industrial X ray instrument
·Check groundwater, radium pollution
·Examination underground gets the radioactivity of canal and equipment
·Air is mixed all round surveillant nuclear reactor the pollution of water quality
·Check the harmful radiate of precious belongings of the individual and gem
·The radioactivity that checks glass of china dinner service to wait
·Live in an illuminative to detect
Functional introductionO appearance accords with the appearance of ergonomics principle, feel is comfortableO operates face plate to be 10 filmy switch, the function is rich, dustproof prevent rain (cannot use in water intrusion)O operation is convenient, want to bolt by only, begin to detect immediately and show much dataO passes radiation type select switch, the radiate that can measure ray of α , β , γ respectively is worthO can show current radiate is worth and the average radiate of place set time is worthO big screen shows, enough information can be obtained on same screenO screen takes time and date to show, closing machine hind to still show time and dateO screen brings batteries tension show, the n in avoiding to using a process is not worth suddenlyO uses lithium cell, the service life that assures batteries 10 yearsO is OK set sampling time and sampling interval, the high capacity memory that data of automatic memory sampling brings oneself to appearanceO offers computer port, sampling data can transmit computer to undertake an analysis with special softwareO offers a data to analyse software, the function is rich, can show, store and analyse the data that radiometer obtainsEach appearance passes O of committee of American radiate protection detect, contain detect exclusively numberO needs 5 years every to undertake calibration onlyO miniaturization fights concussion design, carry convenient
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