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900 muti_function digital nuclear radiation appearance
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38mm of sensor dimension length, diametical 9mm
Imitate outputs port RS232 serial port
Show big screen LCD shows, can show number and strong picture, 10 muti_function filmy key-press
Warning function is optional take sound warning function, free set calls the police value
Precision model is worth 10%
2K of in-house memory capacity
Working temperature - 75 ℃ of 40 ℃ ~
Dimension 163 Mm×72 Mm×30 Mm
Service life 10 years (use below normal temperature)
Battery of power source lithium, standard work life 10 years
European CE of certificate of quality, US FCC 15 protects committee every to detect through American radiate and provide letter
Accessory option 1. Computer analysis software and RS232 computer jumper 2. Warning function, 3. The skin is covered

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