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Supply uranium to determine canal of appearance nitrogen laser

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Release time: On September 15, 2008
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This laser canal offers brand Yin Xing homebred WGJ-1, LMA-1, LMU-2, produce UA-3 laser uranous analyzer to use with Canada. Uranium determines index of main technique of Y5001 Q34*350 of serial number of canal of appearance nitrogen laser 1. Working stability; Below the condition that makes sure laser power supply is steady, 4 hours of stability that laser provides should be in 4% less than (every other uses energy plan 15 minutes to be measured, read 3 numerical value to take average every time) . 2. Electrode span; 13.1 millimeter, the insulation intensity between electrode is more than 1000MΩ (express a test with 5000v million beat up) . 3. Laser runs length 360 millimeter. 4. Working voltage; 3800V-4200V 5. Output wavelengh; 3371A. 6. Pulse energy is more than 90ML. () is measured when 4000V.

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