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Supply Rohs analyzer
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Release time: On September 19, 2008
Company: Yang Huizhi of Shenzhen city peaceful assembles electric equipment limited company
Management mode: Production / make

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Wide application of C18580 of brand Germany model is reached at all sorts of electron material plastic in lead, cadmium, (mercuric) wait for ultimate analysis, check gives floor level low, sensitivity tall, stability is good, can answer instruction of European WEEE, RoHS and SONY STM-0083 standard. Apply at processing of oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining industry, pharmacy, food, environmental protection, geological, building materials, trash and rework industry to wait widely. It is with the analysis of all sorts of elements in oil exemple. In helium gas protection condition falls, in 300 seconds in, to P, S, Cl, Ca, Cu, Zn, Ba detect floor level is in 1-7μg/g above. Main characteristic 1. Very rich software system, offer all sorts of methods and corrective mode. 2. The full analysis of the Na-U of real significance, need not filter. 3. Class of content limits Ppm arrives 100% 4. X light arouses the polarization sample, have extremely low background, admirable sensitivity skill parameter 1. Silicon drift tally, resolution is less than light of X of target of Pd of 170eV 2.50W end window to be in charge of 3. Power 50W, 50KV of the biggest voltage, sub target changes position of 2mA 4.3 of the biggest electric current automatically system, namely 3 bundles of X arouse illuminant. 5. Optional vacuum, aerate, often control a system

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