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Supply analyzer of portable dissolved oxygen
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Release time: On September 10, 2008
Company: The city that do not have stannum is promoted continent instrument instrument limited company
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Connect a telephone call: 0510-85598593
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The brand starts index of PHS-260 of continent brand type technology: 1. Dissolved oxygen measures range: (L of 19.99)mg / of ~ of L (0.00 of / of 199.99)μg of ~ of L (0.OO of / of 0 ~ 19.99)μg. Dissolved oxygen degree of saturation: (% temperature of O.0 ~ 199.9) : (℃ of 0.O ~ 40.0) 2. Automatic temperature compensates limits: (℃ of 0 ~ 60) 3. Instrument intrinsic error: L±1 of / of?plusmn;O.1μg of Fu shelfing acyl degree of saturation of word dissolved oxygen: 5 % temperature: O.5 ℃ ±1 word 4. Leftover electric current: ≤10‰5. Answer time: The 90 % when 20s(20 ℃ are answered) 6. Salinity calibration limits: (0.O ~ 40.0)g/L. 7. Instrument stability: 1h 8 of / of L of ±O.2 μg / . Instrument repeatability: L 9 of ±O.2 μg / . Instrument weight: 0.5Kg 1O. Over all dimension: Mm21O×100×45 11. The instrument works normally condition: A) environment temperature: (Environmental suitability of B) of ℃ of O ~ 40) : Accord with crust to defend grade IP65 C) is measured aqueous solution temperature: (D) of ℃ of 0 ~ 40) power supply source: The characteristic of oscillatory existence instrument that performance affects without other outside geomagnetic field dividing all round E) of 4 AA alkaline batteries: 1. The instrument can undertake electric current of dissolved oxygen chroma, degree of saturation, electrode and temperature are measured. 2. Use microprocessor technology, wide screen liquid crystal shows. Have operation clew function at the same time, use go to the lavatory simply. Use new-style PC face plate, dependability is good. 3. Have automatic temperature to compensate a function. But 0 oxygen, full degree, atmospheric pressure and salinity calibration. Cut off the power the function such as protection. 4. Have cut off the power the function such as protection. OK to checking a result keep in storage, delete, consult, print, most but keep in storage measures data 250 sets, offer print immediately, put lay aside to print two mode that print to choose for the user. 5. The instrument uses design of low power comsumption, have owe pressure show, involve the function of power source management such as machine automatically. 6. Contain RS-232 port, can receive TP-16 printer. Can join with the computer communication, also can choose data to collect software and computer newsletter. 7. Instrument crust defends grade is IP65, waterproof, dustproof, apply to fieldwork. 8. Match this factory to produce electrode of D0-88 dissolved oxygen (polarogram laminating oxygen) match " 3 " are sealed measure groove to be able to measure oxygen of Ppb class dissolve.
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