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Supply Yunnan wired pound decoder 0276
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Become rich express: ┯ υ disrelishs Xing to knock at?276 of gizzard of maltose of Xue of an ancient type of spoon quite
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Technology of electron of Wuhan China prosperous develops a center to sell a ministry
Zhang Qing
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Edifice of trade of industry of region of youth of highway of construction of city of Wuhan of Wuhan Wuhan city 1303 rooms postcode 430000
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Ground pound decoder is true decoder of pound of wiring type ground, but spot video demonstrates or bearer field test, impart installation debugs a technology, satisfaction hind pays, phone: 13667260669
This remote controller introduces Japanese advanced technique to develop and become, use digital formula completely integrated circuit technology, use all-purpose decipher number to occupy hard line. Apply to 10 kilograms- - 300 tons electron platform scale, electronic ground pound, this instrument is in be apart from electronic platform scale 100 meters of less than, can adjust goods weight arbitrarily, make weight becomes light thereby.
Face the whole nation business of each big city COD! We have hope to our product! 100% calm danger, enchanted be inferior to the action?
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2008-10-22 16:09:00

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